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2015,the annual meeting of AEC was held

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In the afternoon of January 16, 2015, the annual meeting of AEC was held as well as the awards ceremony of outstanding staff members. 200 participants include the VP, GM and staff members of all departments, monitors of the workshops as well as the outstanding teams, individuals and operators who had been AEC over 5 years. The meeting was chaired by the GM, Mr. Chen Jihong.

The opening ceremony started by the national anthem. Managers of the sales dept., R&D dept., QC dept., equipment dept. gave the reports one by one on their work over the past year, and the GM Mr. Chen summarized the company’s running in 2015, put forward his expectations and requirements on all members in the coming year. The outstanding individuals and teams are award for their devotion to the company. On behalf of the board of directors, the VP Mr. Zheng Yamin commented on what AEC had achieved and what a promising future that AEC would have. 

Facing new challenges, chances and hopes in 2016, we deeply believe that all members will well perform their duties and share the weal and woe of the company. Under the new year guideline “Working enthusiastically and enterprisingly for win-win cooperation”, AEC will have a more plentiful harvest in the coming year.